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Creating Recruiting and Merger & Acquisition Solutions

for the Building Products Industry

Hire the best performers. Get the best results.

Your company’s greatest advantage is the strength of your talent.  In the building products industry, finding the ideal candidate to compliment and strengthen your existing team can be especially challenging.  Our advanced candidate selection process identifies the best matched professional based on:

  • Experience
  • Skill Sets
  • Character
  • Culture
  • History of Proven Success
This assures our clients acquire the ideal professional to impact their profitability and company goals, while at the same time minimizing the risk and cost of a bad hire.

Is your search reactive or proactive?

Many companies take a reactive approach to filling key positions, posting ads on the company website, industry magazines, and Internet job boards. This approach only reaches candidates who are actively seeking new positions. And it frequently results in an unfiltered avalanche of résumés.

But what if the right person for the job isn’t looking for a job?

A vast majority of the best-qualified candidates aren’t looking for a new opportunity. So the industry specialists at Misura Group take a more proactive approach, targeting your specific industry segment to find top performers who have the history of success you are looking for.

Trust your judgment.

Our success stories reflect the years of experience we bring to every assignment. And our experience has taught us one valuable lesson: If you feel uneasy for any reason, keep looking.


Proud member of NAER the National Association of Executive Recruiters.

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